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Raising Consciousness, versus raising awareness.. Raising awareness is a two edged coin.. Since we create by observation, if we become consciously aware of something negative, we are helping to create or perpetuate it, within the matrix field..

This is not the solution to our woes. Rather we should focus upon what we DO want to see manifesting in our experiential field, and deny the illusions of the matrix, by saying “This is not my reality”.. If sufficient numbers adopted this thought habit, life on Earth would be radically altered for the Good..

Raising consciousness is opposite to raising conscious awareness. Since raising consciousness itself, involves lifting our vibration, speeding up our merkabah spin speeds,raising consciousness so that we can draw in more photonic light into our vessels, increasing the flow of life force through our cellular batteries, in order to renew and regenerate our vehicles, which leads to an increased level of expansion..

The very opposite happens when we raise conscious awareness of what exists in the transient field of illusion. We remain stuck, recycling old thought forms, with no new energy being added to the mix. No creation only repetition.. We are here as Creator Gods, not the servants of illusion! 

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