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The DNA Reverse Program within the Gateway Energy, is more about a realignment of consciousness with the Higher Self, than a specific alteration of any genetic modification, since it is our consciousness that determines our reality.. The only true limitations that have been placed upon us, are those of frequency and consciousness, as frequency determines consciousness..

If we vibrate at a lower frequency, our energy is slow, and our minds are dull and slow witted.. In this state we are unable to see the bigger picture, and are unable to connect with our Higher Source Self successfully. This is a huge disadvantage, and presents a great challenge for us to overcome, otherwise we remain in an unfulfilled state of being, a state of limited consciousness, limited lifespan, and restricted DNA..

Our DNA naturally responds to our inner programs and belief systems, its action being determined by our thought habits, rather than by ancestral factors.. Our persistent thoughts and overriding mindset, create our reality, and experience here on Earth. The DNA responds accordingly.. Rather than alter our DNA, we should change our level of consciousness, though of course we do both when we connect with the ‘Gateway Energy‘. Since this energy shifts our consciousness to a higher plane, thus in the process, correcting and repairing the DNA. It also contains extra DNA codes, from a superior origin. These are the codes that belong to our other Higher Self and Galactic Aspects..

The frequency band that has been placed around us, cannot affect us, once we awaken to the truth.. A higher consciousness cannot be controlled or limited in any way, as it connects with its Source, the infinite, eternal, limitless life stream, that is our true Essence…