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Your light matrices are formed from grid patterns. These patterns are made up of sequences of codes, which contain instructions for your lightbodies.. They build, modify and activate the lightbody in accordance with your growth.. The Earth polarized lightbody, is not sufficiently equipped to take you into the higher light energies of manifestation, and thus will not sustain you further in your evolution…

It is time therefore, to upgrade these matrices, using the higher light technology which you have been given by your Creators. This technology is stored in their databases, in the ‘Centre for Higher Evolutionary Programming’, which exists within the Orion belt. The Orion Codex is a simple yet powerful one, containing everything you will need, to evolve to your Divine Expression. The codes cover all needs for embodiment, plus unique creator tools, that belong to your God Self..

These are not only tools that birth the Divine Human into physicality, they are tools that return your God powers to you, as children of the Gods (made in their image), with their inherent DNA.. These tools will activate this DNA, releasing the dormant wisdom and knowledge, that has been stored within you for millennia.. It is your destiny to be Sovereign Lords of Life, to raise the ‘Flame of Life’ that lies within you. To create new realities, new worlds, and new Universes, through your light… Blessed Be ………..

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