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“Structure has been necessary upon your planet in order to maintain the 3D Holographic Constructs which support your growth.. It exists in all dimensions in varying degrees though in a significantly more fluid state than that which you experience now..

The old Paradigm is being released. Hard work, investigation, inner contemplation and Self-Improvement, is part of this paradigm.. 

Whilst this way has been very valid for many eons upon your world, it is no longer appropriate, or even relevant in this time of rapid transformation.. Self analysis and self assessment will only serve to prolong this paradigm, and keep you focused in a place of slower vibration…

..From a Higher perspective, All is Well, nothing needs to be addressed or changed. It is only your belief in your unworthiness, that makes it so.

Your religious organizations have taught you that you need to repent, because of your sins..

‘Source’ does not see things in this manner. Source does not see ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’, only its children growing into adulthood, making mistakes along the way.. There is no punishment or retribution for errors in judgement. All are guilty of this, including the one known as ‘Jesus the Nazarene’..

You have now been given faster energies , to assist you in moving higher and tapping into your Greater Light.. Now is the time for rapid growth, not inner reflection..

Fluidity is returning, as the 3D constructs collapse.. Matter gives way to Anti-Matter and then re-forms in a new crystalline version. This is how worlds and species are transformed. It is part of the Great Cycle of Evolution…” The Avatars of Light…  

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