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The Star/soul Matrix is a unique matrix of light. It connects with all your galactic systems across the dimensional fields.. This unique linkage, provides for renewal, for the update of your physical vehicles, and an alignment with your galactic ones..

You are inherently Source Energy, born from the fields of Light, into different densities, manifesting within the dimensional fields.. At each level or reality, you have access to different gifts. These represent your totality of Being, and abilities as a Creator, to manifest that which you will.. The star born process, is one of refinement, one of lifting the veils of density, to reveal the inner Self – the true Being of Light, Majesty and Power..


You have reached various stages of this unveiling before, and have brought this light to the Earth.. This time it is somewhat different, as the expansion process now includes all realities, all time frames, and multiverses. A greater inclusion is taking place, which allows you to adopt the abilities of your other Aspects.. This will be of great benefit to you. It will hasten your journey and increase your light..

Source Energy will open to you, in ways you have not yet experienced. Events that have been considered to be miracles, will become commonplace.. Healings, renewals, will be rapid.. The energy of Source will be drawn quickly into your matrices, causing a recalibration of their geometries, and templates, resulting in the regeneration and renewal of your physical vehicles.. Inner Light, will become Outer Light, expressing itself through your vehicles, AS your vehicles.. Your radiance will become magnified manifold, as the Great Light of Source reveals itself …

Experience Ketheric Healing (renewal), here..