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sacredAs a Guardian Founder of the Universal Blueprints and DNA Matrix, I am able to repair all Universal Bodies. These sacred codes, known as the ‘Code of the Blue Nile’, are known only to the ‘Oraphim’, who are the keepers of the Knowledge of God. It can be said that they are the parents of all of the Indigo Races..

Many intergalactic wars have been fought by Extraterrestrials over this sacred knowledge, to gain access to and to control and manipulate the Divine Forces in their favour.. It has always been about a ‘War on Consciousness’, to prevent all Sovereign, free souls from evolving as God intended..

The current war on Planet Earth is coming to a close. There will be a lot of debris to remove as a consequence of this.. A huge cleansing will take place, from the Etheric levels to the Outer levels. All bodies will be purged of the dross and unhealthy energetic attachments. Only Purity of Light shall remain…

In order for this to happen, powerful souls have been enlisted to help.. One such soul is a personal friend of mine, Gail. Due to her lineage, she is able to cast out darkness, remove entities and energetic implants, which are not serving our Sacred Path of Light.. She also offers courses on this subject, and is an excellent Past Life reader, drawing upon her many skills.. If you wish to contact Gail, you can find her HERE