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The energy matrix of ‘Self’ is a complex one, one of many dimensions, alternate realities, and parallels, existing at different levels of frequency, throughout time and space.

Experience of these realities, is imprinted upon the emotional body, which exists at all levels of dimensionality. Each timeline is infused with the codes of life, the codes of the Immortal Self, codes which need to be unlocked  by yourselves.

The emotional traumas which you suffer, become locked into the cellular memory, since all cells have intelligence and consciousness, and feel the effects of your experiences. If they cannot process an emotion and release it, it becomes stored, creating an energy block over time. This energy block serves to weaken the organism, preventing the full flow of life force through it. When the Ki is disrupted in this way, it leads inevitably to disease, and decay, as the life force is strangled, and prevented from entering the cells. Death is a natural consequence of this.

These events repeat themselves over and over again, throughout time, as each being attempts to become conscious of the forces that are operating within him, forces that build up the body, and those that tear it down. Mastery of these forces is essential to your wellbeing and livelihood, it is a necessary part of your Soul journey, on the way to empowerment. The fullness of Self wishes to be realized upon all planes, without restriction of expression. It is a being of expansion and growth, not a being of imprisonment. Break free from your shackles, the forces within you cannot control you, unless you give them permission to. Your conscious awareness is the key to unlocking this enigma, the key to knowing your true Self in all of  its power and majesty, the Self of the eternal, immortal Divine Creator, the key to Self Mastery