Ultimate Light Services for Ascension & Beyond

Gateway Ascension Facilitator:

I am the founder of the ‘Gateway Systems of Light’, and am able to download these systems into your energy matrix .. Once you have received these systems, you will be able to transmit the higher vibrational Gateway Energy to others, to assist them with both healing, and their ascension to the higher octaves of light, and beyond.. To read more about this amazing energy, please visit here …  To book, please click here .. 

As of the 11th July 2019, something amazing has happened, the ‘Gateway Energy’ has reached critical mass point. This means that anyone who receives the energy, will now automatically become Living Light Transmitters… However since the energy is always dependant upon the ‘Gateway Systems’ themselves, I will still be offering the ‘Gateway Course’ (of 7).. You will be pleased to learn that once having received the systems, they can be passed onto another through a connection with the ‘Avatars of Light’… Thus you will be able to upgrade and heal others. Please book here . Other benefits of this are, that as a bone fide Activator, you will also be able to transmit the Scalar Energy, independently, to heal others.. You can receive the Gateway energy by joining our Gateway Ascension Event here..

Ketheric Healing System Facilitator:

I am the founder and a facilitator for the ‘Ketheric System’. This is an advanced system of light, beyond the ascension level, which enables us to draw down ‘Source’ energy, in order to reset our causal bodies, templates and blueprints, to their original divine design.. To read more, please visit here ..  To book, please click here ..

Blueprint Reset System:

I am the founder of the ‘Blueprint Reset System’, another system which is beyond the ascension level of being.. After an upgrade to my 3rd eye, I am able to see the original blueprint code of any matrix, whether that is a part of the body, or an invasive virus, tumor, cell anomaly.. It is because of this ability, that I am able to reset the matrix to its original code of wellbeing, and if necessary, erase a matrix that is detrimental to our health.. To read more, please visit Here.. To book a blueprint reset, or matrix removal, click here ..  For a Timeline Healing, (for chronic health conditions), click here ..

Here is a testimony from someone who was experiencing ‘Covid 19’: “Wow, thank you so much, I could definitely feel the energy! Very strong and intense I could feel the flow, I will be booking an Immunity Reset, I feel so much better!
Blessings to You!”… Jess A

Plasma Light Healing Facilitator:

The Plasma Light System is the latest light technology system, an anti-matter system which is considerably more powerful than the basic ascension modalities…    Please click here to read more .. Click here to book ..

Kauna Light System Facilitator:

The Kauna Light System is yet another system which I have founded. It creates an expansion of our energy fields, and an alignment with the higher frequencies of light and consciousness. This system can be passed onto another. Please read more here. To book click here ..

Silverstar Facilitator:

The Silverstar system has been used by higher lightbeings to ascend them further into their ‘God’ state.. It was used by the beings known as ‘The Shining Ones’, who walked the Earth and were considered by the people to be Gods.. It is now possible through myself to become empowered to use this system yourself in order to upgrade the energy fields of others! .. To read more please click here .. Click here to book, introductory price £99.

Here is a testimony from a healer:

“Thank you for last night’s Silverstar system download. I felt the energy strongly throughout my body, I saw bright blue light which then changed to a bright white light moving from the top of my head and down my chakras. Such a beautiful energy which instantly relaxed me. I slept very well again. 
I’m so pleased I’ve experienced both the activation and now the system download. It’s been a fantastic experience which I’m looking forward to sharing with my clients. This amazing energy really open up the heart, something I feel I’d love others to move towards. The Divine Feminine energies are rising and its a wonderful way to connect with this.”… NS

Etheric Crystal Facilitator:

The Etheric Crystals are highly advanced Beings of Light, who are working with us at present as we endeavour to raise our consciousness, energy and light.. Seven of these wonderful beings have agreed to work collectively on our behalf..

When you receive their downloads, you will be able to transmit their energies to others, helping to both upgrade and heal them.. To read more click here Click here to book your course.  

Higher Self Integration:

Until we know who we are, we cannot heal or become powerful healers. Integrating our Higher Self Aspects is a fundamental part of our evolution… This is known as the ‘Divine Lightbody’, or ‘Diamond Lightbody’ stage of our growth.. We are a Divine Messiah race, and are evolving into this conscious awareness..

This integration will serve to bring all parts of our Higher Self, into expression.. If this resonates with you, please Book Here, introductory price £40…  

Soul Integration:

During our experiences with density, our Souls can become fragmented, through the tumultuous events of our lives, the severe pressures and tensions, resulting in emotional distortions.. These soul fragments break away, and are not able to move into the light, along with the rest of us, and so need to be reintegrated, so that we can become Whole once more ..

Without this integration process, we cannot extricate ourselves from the drama, and the never ending, repeating cycles and self-sabotaging programs.. To become the Creator that we are intended to be, we MUST be able to step out of these dramas, so that we can be the observer of our creations, and thus are able to consciously create, that which we desire, instead of creating by default.. This soul integration work is designed to achieve this.. Here is what a couple of people have said about this integration experience:-


“I didn’t experience any fear or anxiety today for the first time in months – maybe years.
I don’t feel uplifting either – I just feel like ‘me’ which is the best feeling ever. The soul fracture healing gave me this feeling <3
I haven’t had the urge to run either.”… Juliane Skottfelt
“You are right there has been a shift. I am much calmer inside and was able to sit and watch a nice film last night not bothered being on my own. I haven’t  done that for so long. I have been too stressed.  I slept well too and woke with such a feeling of peace and happiness inside. I had slept nearly seven hours!!!”… Wendy D
I have had some huge moments of clarity today, and can fully see the programming that has been running underneath everything. I can now forgive myself, because I couldn’t have made different decisions until now. I can now use the ‘law of attraction’, without subconscious sabotage. I was powerless to change my behaviour before. A huge weight has been lifted, thank you so much!” … WD
Just wanted to let you know how good it has been to so much feel more myself since the soul integration. It is a feeling of being more whole again and a greater feeling of self empowerment which is a biggie for me and continues to be a work in progress. I look forward to more healings with you… Many thanks and big love” … LH
If any of these services resonate with you, and speak to your soul, please book your session here.. Normally there is only one session, however, if any follow up work is necessary, this will be included in the price.. £60

Inner Soul Integration:
Inner Soul Integration is similar to the ‘Soul Integration’, but with one main difference.. The integration work of this session goes very deep, and is designed to address issues relating to ‘not wanting to be seen‘, which usually arise from other timelines where we have been punished/persecuted for standing in our own power and light… This can leave a long lasting scar within us, that needs to be healed before we can once again feel strong enough to fully step forward into the light, as our most authentic selves.. If this resonates with you, please Book Here, price £40  

Here are recent testimonies on the Inner Soul Integration work…


“I’ve definitely integrated with many soul parts and higher aspects. A LOT of kundalini energy has been releasing effortlessly whether during stretching, meditating, breath work, or at random while doing simple everyday tasks lol. I no longer feel the density of a physical body and feel very light. I also no longer feel like I’m in between worlds”.. LN

“It was very powerful. I could see how the negativity I was exposed to as a child led to all kinds of compensatory strategies .Lots of crying happening!! Thank you sooo much…

Actually the same happened when I did the Soul integration session to release past life trauma.. Release, after release with tears for days. Thank you.. Big hug in profound gratitude!” … Brigitte

Inner Child Integration:

Unloved and unacknowledged parts of ourselves, become split off, separated from the whole, as we strive to move towards maturity.. We can experience childhood trauma, where the pain is too much to bear, so we break away a part of ourselves, which continues to hold the painful memory, in order for us to survive and carry on with our soul journey.. This part needs to be reintegrated, in order for us to become whole once more, and so the adult us can mature, and no longer act/react from the place of the wounded child..  If this strikes a chord with you, please book your session Now! Price £60.. Book here..


“I want to let you know that I’ve been experiencing feeling whole again! For some time, I still felt so much darkness and wounds stemming from my childhood that were still with me. No matter how much healing I accomplished, there was always “unfinished business” that would come to the surface. It felt never ending. I wish I would’ve done this sooner! I actually feel a level of love, joy, and happiness that feels childlike, free of wounds from traumas, and a new sense of adventure and creativity!

I’m discovering more about myself that I’ve been enjoying, and feel so much heart expansion and light expansion.

Thank you so much!” … Leticia

Special Children’s needs:

Special children have special needs.. Our current 3D matrix does not cater for these needs adequately, so our children are often finding schooling, and adjusting to the Earth ways, very challenging.. They are usually labelled as having ‘ADHD’ or attention deficit disorder; ‘autism’, or ‘dyslexia’… The truth is, that their brains are usually wired differently to ours. Many are from higher dimensional worlds, that operate in a contrary way to our limited systems here. So they need all the help that they can get..

If your child is exhibiting behavioural issues, such as anger, depression, fear, frustration, even if they haven’t yet been labeled by our medical profession, they will benefit from these sessions..  Price £30.. Please book here..

Here is what one Mother has said about the effect of these energy sessions on her children:-

“So far I have booked a few sessions for my son, 6 yr. After the first session he went out, grabbed his bike and was able to bike for the first time without stabilisers. The healing had helped him overcome the fear of hurting himself.

For the past year my son has struggled with phonics in school – the sounds just wouldn’t stay in his head. We practiced a lot at home and he even got extra sessions at the school.
Two days after his second session with Kira, his teacher asked me what had happened. He had passed his year one phonics test with flying colours.
As a Mum I’m very thankful and relieved that my son doesn’t have to struggle in school. As a math and science teacher I’m happy to know that students can get help and don’t have to be beaten down by a school system, which atm isn’t capable of helping the students at the deeper levels. 

I can highly recommend Kira and the healings she is offering <3″….. Juliane Skottfelt

Virus Cleanse:

This transmission is designed to remove unwanted viruses from our body temples, such as the HPV virus, and also works to remove artificial ones.. Please book your virus cleanse here, price £40… 

Master Light Code Streaming:

This is a streaming of higher codes of light, which are suitable for the masters, and spiritual teachers, who want to advance further into the light fields of ‘Source’, and is especially beneficial for their work, as well as individually… Price £90.. please book here!

3rd Eye Activation:
This Activation is designed to activate and release your Divine Gifts, to release your Kundalini, and subsequently activate your ‘God Powers’… Price £90 … please book here!