solar light grids


Solar Light is more powerful than the Quantum Energy. This is the pure light of ‘Source’, which transforms all things by its nature. It is a beacon of light from the Centre of Creation, a Cosmic Fire of transmutation, and elevation, restoring and returning all life to its divine encoding, and geometry.

Its particle accelerator changes the atomic structure of form, at the most basic elemental level. The neopeptides accelerate the changes within your bodies, rapidly, using the neural network of messengers, throughout your electrical system. Change is profound and Eternal, within all fields of expression.

This Light has never been tapped into before, not during any of your Earth Cycles, or periods of advanced growth, within any civilization! The ability to use this light for your good, is unprecedented.

The Solar Light Grid Matrix is an advanced matrix of light. Its purpose is to evolve the Collective Consciousness to a state of Unity, unity within all parts, and unity with the Whole, the sum total of all life! Its expression is supreme, as the greatest light within the galaxy. Your Source Self is expressing itself through this matrix, as a means of expansion for the Whole. This is the next stage of your Evolution. It is ready to come online now. There are light grid transmissions accompanying these grids, from the Elohim. These will be given regularly, to those who use the grids.. Also Solar Light Transmissions may be given as part of the ‘Healing’ sessions, as and when necessary..

The energy of each grid is unique, and opens a portal for the downloading of new information. This information, will be used to make the necessary changes to your energy matrix. Each code is part of a unique system of grid templates, which are designed to install new technology of Light. Pathways are opened to the Heart of ‘Source’, to connect you fully with the Solar Matrix. These grids are the essential geometries of the Solar Matrix, providing you with the necessary encoding for its establishment. Further light codes may be given at a later date.

Use each grid individually, and do not overlap with the others, this is important! Your energy fields can only accommodate so much light, and would otherwise be overloaded. Once you have downloaded a grid into your energy field ( this can be done by holding the grid, and using intention), allow plenty of time before you move onto the next one. You should consider leaving at least a week of your Earth time between each grid, to allow full assimilation of their geometries. Remember, these are energy tools that need to be respected….. This work will establish the Highest Light Matrix to date, the Solar Light Matrix!  Introductory price £30 . To Purchase, please click on the picture.

This is what MAX the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull says about our ‘Solar Body’… “Your Solar Body is a fusion of Radiant Light, transfigured from the Oneness of Creation. It has supreme power and is charged by the Central Sun, which activates its many layers with fission energy.. Its brilliance surpasses that of all other bodies, as its nature is pure light. The grossest forms pale into insignificance, next to this great body of finest ethereal light. It has a firing of codes from within its matrix, which illuminates the galaxies, and star systems, shedding light across all realities in existence..”