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I want to share with you so,e of the awesome experiences that I’ve had whilst channelling the “Book of Life”, the book that puts us into a state of “Christ Consciousness.”

Firstly, the experience of being visited by the “Alpha Team”, the A-Team as they call themselves, was both profound and amusing. You wouldn’t think that Ascended Beings would be aware of the music score to the 80’s TV series, the “A Team” would you, but when they arrived this was the music that I heard !! Also they were dressed in Star Trek style suits and the name on their craft was “OR-AIR”, Orion-Air ( not RyanAir !). Seriously this is no joke, this is exactly what happened.  They asked me to channel the “Book of Life” to help create a critical mass or Christ Wave that will tip the whole planet into “Christ Consciousness.”  When I was shown the wonderful changes this would bring to us all, I could hardly say ‘No’ could I?

Whilst writing the book, I was frequently immersed in bright Golden Light. In fact on one occasion it was 8.30pm and supposedly dark outside, yet my house and garden were lit up by this Golden Energy to the point that it appeared to be Daytime !  Another very profound experience I had was a sudden deep-seated feeling of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. I can’t say that I had ever truly felt that way about myself before, what a truly marvelous state of being this is.

Currently the “Book Of Life” is available in e-book format, and is available in hard copy (please go to “”).