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Have you noticed how everywhere we look these days, there are signs of Spiritual Awakening? Every time we turn on the TV, or open a newspaper, we are presented with a celebrity or well known public figure, who has had a profound, life changing spiritual experience.

As higher and higher frequencies of the Quantum light are beamed to our planet, this Awakening Cycle is rapidly escalating. Some of us are finding it easy to integrate these frequencies, and shift to new levels of Awareness. Whilst for others, the energies are too intense, causing discomfort and often a desire not to be here.

Originally our physical bodies were designed to ashtarcommandcrew.netcarry only a certain percentage of Our Light. But with the arrival of, and opening to this additional light, adjustments need to be made in order to increase our holding capacity.

We are told that we are required to transform our own bodies, that the responsibility is ours and cannot be left to the spiritual hierarchy and our guides.

Compared with the faster/ higher dimensional frequencies, our energy centres are often running at a lower frequency or lower hertz. These cycles are too slow to enable us to operate efficiently in the 5th dimensional reality that we are moving into, therefore an upgrading is necessary for our Meridian System. Life streams are already entering our 5th dimensional matrix, and even faster vibrations are set to follow, as we begin to reconnect with our Diamond Lightbody, or Divine Lightbody at ‘Source’ level.

Because of this energy flux, adjustments will need to be made to smooth out the transitional process, helping us to maintain our balance within the Heart whilst surfing these different waveforms of light. Thankfully there are first wave lightworkers such as myself, that are skilled masters of energy management, having learned their skill on other worlds helping with the ascension process there. These lightworkers have been empowered to give the necessary upgrades which will prepare us adequately for the sweeping changes yet to come.

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