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I have been guided to write this post in heartfelt response to what I’m seeing around me. Many of my friends and acquaintances, are still experiencing the drama of Karma. This is the human condition, the condition of attachment, rather than the experience of Love Supreme. Attachment is born out of insecurity and fear, not love.

We cast our anchors into the energy fields of others, needing to be loved, needing to belong, afraid of being alone. We do this because we have been programmed to look outside of ourselves for our needs.xtra vid pic But these anchors weigh heavily upon us, and the chains that are attached to them pull us this way and that, according to the moods of the personalities we have anchored ourselves to. A slave cannot demand respect or love, because the enslaved cannot respect or love themselves. We say we love another, and yet we do not love ourselves first. This must change.

The Age of Empowerment is upon us. It is time to step into our own power, time to find the anchor within. Our hearts are desperate for change, they are crying out for freedom and release. Having stepped off the karmic wheel myself, I can clearly see the mechanics of these situations and conditions. Many of you are in dire need of release, but only you can unlock that prison door, only you can give yourself permission to be free. I too, have been where you are. I have traveled the path of the Heart, and know well your innermost fears and desires. Only someone who has trodden the path first, and broken the karmic chains, can help you to find the key that unlocks that door…… Someone like myself.