Conscious Awareness

The quality of our thought, determines our vibration.. Thoughts can be seeds or like viruses in the mind. Our mind is an interface with this reality, and with the Higher Realms.. We cannot simultaneously hold thoughts about a dystopian reality

Light Frequency

I was thinking about the significance of frequency this morning, and this is what came through…………………. “Everything is Frequency, or has a particular frequency note …………….. You and I exist as frequencies or vibrations of Light, manifesting through density …………..

DNA Activation

We are Energy and Consciousness projecting itself into 3D bodies. Our body templates and body scripts are changing, so that we can project into bodies which have a significantly longer lifespan. Longevity, Health and Wellbeing will be the keywords for

Gateway Systems

Hi there, Just thought I would tell you all about the New Gateway Systems, ‘Gateway Ascension’. The Galactic Gateway of Consciousness is open, and this much talked about new energy is finally here! Some people such as James Gilliland say