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The Templar Stargate System is the Ascension System for our Universe.. The Earth has been very much a prison planet for thousands of years. This is because our ‘Templar Stargate System’ , has been corrupted by nefarious entities, those who operate at the ‘service to self’ level.. The result of this corruption has been a distortion in the Template Codes, and hence a distortion within our own bodies, resulting in ‘death’.

Because of this we were not able to align with the 12 Stargates, and not able to activate our 12 DNA strands fully, which are essential for moving into the ‘Eternal Life’ flow of Source/Creator.. The state we call ‘Death’ is a result of this distortion.. We were never meant to die! Lies and falsehoods have been fed to us. Death is unnatural..

Through the 12 Templar Stargate System you can fully integrate all other aspects of your Higher Self (a further 11), and literally embody your ‘Higher Self’. This is called ‘Diamond Lightbody’ or ‘Divine Lightbody’ (the Atlantis Gateway Systems are designed to assist us with this too).. Also through this 12 template system, we can ultimately activate our ‘Solar Lightbody’ (the integration of the Higher Selves of all), forming a huge Being of Light.. This is our Divine Birthright… 

Stargate Crystal Attunements:  

The ‘Stargate Crystals’ are very important for the Evolution of our race…   I’m told that they can shift the energy matrix of anything, bringing it into alignment with the Highest Light of each Soul… This attunement opens a stargate portal which floods the energy matrix with ‘Light’. This will provide a much needed shift out of darkness!! Attunement price £30. Please book below.   

Stargate Crystal Attunements


Stargate Healing:

The Stargate Healing Energy, from the ‘Stargate Systems’ has now been made available to you.. These ‘Stargate Systems’ will ultimately take over from the ‘Gateway Systems’ as we evolve as a species. Though the ‘Gateway Systems’ are still the ‘go-to’ systems for all crystalline body upgrades, since they will both build and activate your lightbodies at all dimensional levels, see THE GATEWAY

The ‘Stargate Healing Energy’ from the ‘Stargate Systems’, is infused with new template codes, that will awaken you to ‘Life’.. The principles are similar to the ‘Gateway’, but with a much higher resonance…

Please note that ‘The Stargate Systems’ are only available to the most advanced ‘Light Workers’. So please DO NOT  book this unless you have already received at least one of the other courses, as your booking will not be honoured…  

The ‘Stargate Systems’ comprises of nine systems.. In other words there will be nine separate downloads. There may however be more at a later date.. Please book your Course below price £250:-

Stargate Healing Systems


12 Template Code download:

This is a download of a ’12 Template Code’ glyph into your energy matrix.. It works towards activating your full 12 strand DNA matrix.. It is a very powerful tool for your growth. I have received feedback from others reporting that they have experienced a sudden increase in physical health, wellbeing and strength. This is because the glyphs are responsible for restructuring the body, which will enable it to pass easily through the Stargates, into Immortality. When our strands are fully activated, we become more than human!! Please book your downloads below…

Book Your 12 Template Code

Book Your 12 Template Code 2

Book Your 12 Template Code 3

I am also giving downloads which will align us with the Templar Stargates. You can book the first 5 below (The 5th is aligned with 5D) . The remaining ones are only available on our Templar Site, and are for those souls who have chosen Immortality… 
Book the Templar Stargate Code 1 HERE , Templar Stargate Code 2 HERE
Book the Templar Stargate Code 3 HERE , Templar Stargate Code 4 HERE 
& Book the 5th Templar Stargate Code HERE 



Templar Matrix: 

The Templar Matrix is a download, given by the ‘Templar Team’ (a collective group of Beings).. They are providing a new matrix, for All who wish to Ascend to the Higher Dimensions of Light.. This will bring many blessings and benefit the Whole of Creation. It is especially beneficial for those who are not yet ready to embody their full 12 strands..

This Matrix tends to place you in the ‘zero-point field’, where you will tap into the flow of Harmony and Peace and incorporate these into your lives… Please book below, price £40 

Templar Matrix


Below are more Stargate tools, the sacred texts channeled from the inner ‘Amenti’ vaults where they have safely been held. They are not compromised, since those with nefarious agendas do not hold the frequency codes necessary to gain access to them thankfully. These texts are written in ‘Universal Star Language’, similar to our Latin, French and Italian.  You can read more below-

Vibrational Tools of Life, from the Giza Stargate, have been held in the Etheric Vaults for thousands of years.. Each text uses ‘Sound and Breath’ technology, and a type of Fibonacci energy sequencing, which works to build the energy layers within you, that will form the crystalline grids, corresponding with different levels of consciousness…




Since 2006 when my Merkabah became active, a new channel opened for me and I have been able to see into the 5th dimension and beyond. Amusingly enough at the time this was confirmed when I was suddenly able to receive ” pay to view ” channels on my television for free.

In 2012 I was visited by the ” Alpha Orion Team “, who asked me if I would bring the ” Book Of Life” through to the Earth plane, which is the first vibrational tool to be released from Giza (since I am an Amenti Guardian). This book, or to be more accurate, this manuscript, which is written in Universal Star language, has been held for safe keeping within the “Halls of Amenti” which is a hyperspace creation at the Great Pyramid of Giza.vibration tools  This book like all the Earth’s sacred texts, comes from the Alpha Channel, a Divine stream of Consciousness. It was transmitted to me by Andrei a Lemurian/ Atlantean priest.


The “Book Of Life” uses the Ancient technology of Sound and Breath. It is written according to Fibonacci sequencing. I’m told that by the repetition of it’s verses, it builds layers of energy frequencies that culminate in the awakening of our  Christ Consciousness. This is the key to activating our “Christ Consciousness Grid”.  We are being given this book as a way out of the distorted and inverted matrix. It is a major landmark work in the history of Humanity. I am honored to be able to present this to you all.

Book Of Life cover

The e-book is available in the gallery at the top of the page ( iPad and tablet friendly), current price only £40 .     After making your payment you will be able to download it . You will need an Adobe Reader as it is a Pdf version. If you don’t have this, download the Adobe reader here.

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book of life cover (sm)


Please note that the paperback version of the ‘Book Of Life’ is currently almost out of stock… UK only orders are  £45, including p&p, please pay at cart below. Please check availability before buying by emailing me..  Also for non UK residents, please email me for purchase options  here.



 If you would like to hear this language spoken, and get a feel for the energy, 3 page excerpts are given, in the short audio file below. 


Recommendation from Mr P Gohil, who describes this book as ‘Life Changing’:

“When I first received the book, the energy coming out was unbelievable. As I read the book, my life changed. I became more peaceful, less stressed and not only did my family members notice, so did I! My work life has changed and instead of getting offers for frustrated jobs, I started (or shall I say the “BOOK OF LIFE”) getting jobs offers which I actually wanted, working with spiritual open minded people, who I could communicate with. This book is for everyone and anyone, no matter where they are in life, what there religious background is. The “BOOK OF LIFE” will transform your life…..I am half way through, everyday brings miracles”.



This is the second Amenti vibrational tool. Again it is written in the same Universal Star Language.

I am told this has never been attempted before on the Earth plane, and this book takes us to the next level beyond the “Christ”  level, LE e-book coverand activates our “I AM Consciousness Grid”.

The Human level of growth is not our final evolutionary level here on Earth. With certain changes to our DNA, through the addition of extra chromosomes, we can experience three more levels of consciousness.

The Pharaohs of Egypt, had five names, each representing a level of consciousness. Currently we are about to enter the 3rd Christed level of Being, which is what the “Book Of Life” is designed to help us with.

The “Life Essence” manuscript, is designed to shift us into the next level. This is a continuation of the Earth Experiment, to see just how far we can take our evolutionary growth. As we have now well and truly stepped into the “Light”, these new much higher frequencies are now becoming available to us. Please join me in taking this Earth to an unprecedented new level of Consciousness. Please click on picture, or the gallery to purchase the eBook. Price £30. Also for UK sales click below:

A paperback version is also available below…




THE ONE  is the third book in the Hu-man experiment ( in Universal Star Language). It has been given to us, to enable us to embody the last level of Consciousness that is possible. After which we evolve to a level where it will no longer be appropriate to expend our energy in maintaining a more physical vehicle. Beyond this level, our Soul will no longer express itself in the world of ‘form’ . But rather in it’s essential nature, as a Being of Energy and Consciousness, unfettered by the limitations of a form.

This last energy tool, marks the end of the “Earth Experiment”, that HU-manity has been engaging in. It will take us to a level of Consciousness, never before seen here on ‘Gaia’. It pushes the boundaries of possibility, to what we can achieve here on this planet.

The One cover

Available to purchase now!

Please click on the book cover, or gallery above to purchase the eBook, price £25. Also for UK sales click below:

The paperback version is available below…





“Man has long sought the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, believing it to be the answer to all his ills.. Though this may be true to some degree, it is much more than this.. The Ark is a vibrational tool of great light, as is mentioned in your scriptures.. It is however the hyperspace construct, rather than just a physical one, which has been used countless times, by many races for their betterment..

The Light of the Ark, comes by way of a portal to the Great Central Sun.

It has the power to transform all things, returning them to their Divine nature, of pure light essence.. Let only those who are pure of heart use this tool, and they shall see God, made manifest in everything and everyone” …

This energy tool is written in Universal Star Language, and needs to be read or recited, in order to build the energy layers that culminate in the opening to the portal of Light..

It is easy to master, please listen to the mp3 above, of me reciting this language.. When reading/reciting, please ensure that when you need to stop, that you do so at a full stop, and not in between a verse.. The verses are in columns and need to be read from top left to bottom right… Blessings of Light, Ki-R a… Please click on the book picture to purchase, or visit E-Books ….  Also for UK sales click here:




The Golden Light is the next vibrational tool from the hyperspace vaults of Giza..

It is a book of Light, from the Great Central Sun or our  Universe, which holds the keys to unlocking our dimensional growth as a species. It clears and resolves our karma, and dissolves any negative psychic condition that may be affecting us.


This book is also written in Universal Star Language, and uses energy sequencing in order to activate us… The same rule applies (as written above in the ‘Golden Ark’), regarding how to read the text…


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This is another Light encoded book, to shift the vibration of Earth’s
inhabitants. It contains the Golden Key, a structure of
Light which transcends all current light matrices to date,
transforming your energy matrix to its Highest Light potential
using a different way of Light Building than previous books
which were based upon the Fibonacci method…

The 12 parts represent the 12 strand matrix, that we are moving back into… If your soul is in alignment, the codes will activate your Lightbody.. Also for UK sales click below:


Here are a few audio testimonials from people who have activated their Lightbodies as a result of reading this text..