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The Ancient Brain is a portal to many worlds, and many starseed realities. It houses a very unique energy signature, which allows it to transmit signals to other realities, thus engaging its complex neural network.

Many advances have come into being through the use of the Ancient Brain. Its technology is far ahead of our time. It is able to fire up neurons within the cortex, enabling the activation of the unused, what you call junk DNA, thus speeding up the evolution of Humanity. Its role up to now has been underplayed. Capable of creating superhuman changes, its significance has been largely overlooked.


The Ancient Brain provides an opening to new experiences, which you would consider to be far beyond the realms of possibility. The brain’s capacity for growth, far exceeds that which you are currently aware of, and when connected with the Ancient Brain, miraculous changes occur…

.. It becomes a super computer with advanced systems, and increased storage.. Its memory banks become enlarged, allowing for the storage of an unlimited amount of information. It acquires the ability to shift frequency, thereby tapping into different levels of consciousness, and downloading advanced networks. The brain after all is just an interface, for an operating system. The operating system, allows many new programs to be installed, hence it is vital to change the system, when it ceases to serve our needs…


The neural networks that you currently possess, have limited functionality within the brain. Supercharged networks however, have unlimited potential, to expand your thinking processes, enabling you to download ‘Source’ programs of Light. The detail is in the program, which determines your responses. Optimized abilities can only be acquired, through a change in the neural network. These forces come into play, via a complete change of the operating system. As with your computers, some operating systems can be upgraded, but others of an inferior type, too restricted in capacity to build upon, need to be abandoned entirely..

This is the choice you now face, whether to stay with an inferior system, that will not upgrade, or install one that will give you greater interface capability, one that will allow you to interface with the vast Galactic Networks, that are available to you. It is expedient to purchase a new operating system for your computer, but how much more beneficial is it, to purchase a new operating system for yourselves..

These new operating systems are available to you, through the ‘Gateway Systems’. These systems are designed to install and run new programs entirely, complete with advanced galactic technology. It is this technology alone, that will enable you to progress as a species.. The Gateways are opening for you, to allow you to make this monumental change!..