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Since we have joined the Star Federation, the Code of Light is being introduced to Gaia in an extensive and often dramatic way. The spiritual hierarchy are choosing many different ways to alter our essential programming ,downloading us with new codes that alter our Dna, ultimately creating a new template of Being, giving us unlimited creative potential as co-creators with the Divine. starThese stellar codes are being integrated into the Earth’s energy matrix to bring about the necessary dimensional shift- her Spiritual Birth…. Codes are being transmitted to us by our use of Galactic grids such as the “Orion Star Grids “, and they in themselves are opening channels for those that are using them, to bring through more new grids, that will aid our personal and planetary transformation. Cosmic energy activations, sound vibrations, essences and all manner of remote downloadings that transmit the new encodings, have now been made available to us through the wonderful star souls who have come here for this purpose. There are many among us who have incarnated here specifically to anchor the energy of the realms of Light. Those that have previously encoded other worlds and are past masters in the  ‘ Art of Ascension.’

There are many Pleiadian starseeds here whose role it is to represent the Divine Mother energy and to re-empower the Female/ Yin. For eons we have been living in a Male/ Yang dominated world, which has allowed us to experience lessons in the use/ abuse of Power. These lessons have served us well, and since every force ultimately gives way to it’s opposite, it is time for us to return to the Mother energy of unconditional love and nurturing that comes from Heart-Centred Consciousness as opposed to Head/ ego Consciousness. This change in energy will herald the return of the Golden Age once more, but with the addition of new insights and wisdom gained along our soul’s journey.