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I was recently asked about our transitions, death, resurrection, and ascension. The following is what came through ……….

“Would you expect a God to live only 3 score and 10 years? Would you expect a God to die?

The Universe is an interactive Hologram, responding to our thoughts and belief systems. It shows us and returns to us, exactly what we believe to be true. Our Reality is created second by second, from each moment of awareness, and is a reflection of our innermost thoughtangel wings, violet habits. To experience life as a Creator, it will be necessary to let go of the old programming, which gives dullness of consciousness, and step into a new awakened reality, full of potential and hope. This new reality will emerge as our consciousness expands to hold more light, love and wisdom from our Creator Self. From this opening will emerge the Divine Butterfly, revealing it’s full glory in the light. This Butterfly is You, your True Self, with all it’s powers and expanded conscious awareness. It is your true inherent nature, as a Being of Light and Consciousness. You are transcending the realms of lesser light and darkness, to reveal your brilliance and become your most radiant Selves.”

Illusion is a 3 fold construct of Space, Time and Dimension. Take a moment to allow this truth to sink into your consciousness….. you are NOT going anywhere, you have NEVER left home, you are always HERE IN THE ETERNAL NOW!

This is What I know to be TRUE. I would be deeply honoured if you would allow me to help you to enter this same space.