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Your quantum reality field is transmitting new galactic encodings, for your use.. It is of paramount importance for you at this time, to absorb these into your energy fields, in order to be taken to the next level of Evolution..

There is an inherent ‘Source Code’, present within everyone. It has been there since the beginning, awaiting the cycles of renewal.. New systems have been devised, and structures built upon this code.. The ‘Gateways’ are an advanced system of star networks, that traverse the Universes. Their function is primarily to upgrade all living forms. The systems network is vast, covering many parallels and alternate realities.. These galactic networks, supersede all systems, providing the greatest tools for transformation..

Your vibrations will be encoded with supremely powerful data, which will transform your cells, changing your body script to an entirely new format. This will be the body script of the ‘Immortals’, the race of giants that have walked your Earth previously.. The Divine embodiment of form, is brought about by fractals of light. These fractals are an attribute of Deity. Formed within the prismatic light of ‘Self’, they hold the Divine ‘Phi’ resonance. Their unification with the field of matter, creates the basis for all life..


Crystalline matrix forms, resonate at a much higher frequency than yours, since their genome has been improved by the stellar stargate systems, or ‘Gateway Systems’. These systems are responsible for upgrading all life, operating at the quantum level, bringing an infusion of quantum light, into your cellular bodies. This creates a deep and permanent change, within the cellular matrix. The holographic field is thus altered, and a new superior Galactic Human being emerges..

Your new genetic material will contain many seeds from other worlds. Seeds of knowledge and wisdom from the stars.. The ‘Gateway’ is active now upon your world, and serves the very highest principles of life.. You are being provided with new templates, that will furnish you with different physical vehicles, which possess extraordinary attributes.. The new matrix geometry, unlocks the potential of the Divine Mind, stimulating growth and progression. The new light codes will upgrade the chakric system. Dormant chakras will be awakened, acting as energy portals to higher dimensional spheres, linking you to other star systems and realities.. This new path to the stars, will awaken you from your dream…