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Your vehicles of light are formed from a myriad of photons. These light modules contain packets of information, in the form of codons.. It is these codons, which contain information for your DNA. They speak to your cells, and your biology, giving instructions for the building processes, the anabolic reactions within your chemistry, which build and create form..

Many processes are involved in the building of your vehicles of expression. The resulting bodily expression, is always dependent upon its original template design.. Whilst this holds true at the beginning of the creative processes, the first birthing as it were, over time the template is changed. It becomes modified by your experiences in life, and your reactions to them. Thus a corruption of the original design occurs, at the innate nuclear level. When this occurs, the energy of ‘Source’, no longer flows freely through your body, sustaining, maintaining, and nourishing it, as it once did. The levels of maintenance and sustenance are reduced to a bare minimum.. This opens the way for disease and death, as your bodies no longer function the way they were intended to..


To prevent this endless deterioration, the template must be corrected, or enhanced,  to a point where it allows more life force to flow through the body.. This is accomplished by new technology, which creates a change of interface, whilst you are still embodied. These DNA changes are to be found, within the ‘Gateway Systems‘ (Gateway Energy) , which hold the galactic key codes and information, that are necessary for a reboot and rewriting of your corrupted DNA.. These galactic templates have vital information, and instructions for your DNA.. The Gateway Energy installs this new technology, and your template is changed to that of the ‘Galactic Human’, with enhanced capability and functions. Light is restored to the body, to its cells, bringing with it, renewed life, vigour and longevity …