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atlantis gateway

The Gateway Energy came/returned to Earth piggybacked onto an attunement which I was giving through the Stellar Gateway chakra. It arrived somewhat like a trojan horse, but a good one, so that it could not be detected by the dark ones, who wish to prevent the spiritual evolution of mankind.. It was used as a bioregenesis tool during the time of ‘Atlantis’. Furthermore the energy from these systems, naturally reverses any genetic modifications, which do not align with our Divine Template Codes.

It has been used, to evolve us to embody much more light, and is here at this time to help us to transition to a higher lightbody state .. The Gateway Energy is aligned with the ‘Crystal Gate’, the ‘Diamond Gate’ and the ‘Solar Gate’. All are stages of evolution. We have entered the crystalline state now, as we move away from being carbon based beings.. The crystalline state enables us to hold a lighter frequency vibration, a state where we are only about 50% physical… The Diamond Gate or ‘Diamond Consciousness’, is when we fully integrate with our Higher Self Aspects and quite literally walk the Earth as our Higher Selves!… Solar Consciousness is where all of our Higher Selves integrate, and become One Vast Being of Light…


Hi, my name is Kira and I’m responsible for the return of the ‘Atlantis Gateway Systems’ to Earth. These powerful systems are given to us by the ‘Avatars of Light’, and have arrived at just the right time to assist us in making this huge Paradigm Shift in both Consciousness and Light… Through a connection with the Avatars, I am able to download these systems into your energy matrix.. Once you have received them, you will be able to transmit the ‘Gateway Energy’ (which relies upon the system codes)..

The Gateway network is a holographic interface for the upgrading of your cellular structures to luminescent biosuits.. All Lightbody geometries are provided within this network of  systems.. These Ancient Systems have been used to Ascend All Species throughout the Cosmos..

From the 11th July 2019 to date, the ‘Gateway Energy’ has reached two critical mass points. This means that it will automatically transfer from person to person, without the need for a conscious transmission or intention. So if you have the ‘Gateway Energy’ within your energy matrix, it will be continuously broadcasting itself to all around you, healing, elevating and upgrading them, ultimately shifting the Whole of Humanity into the Higher Light Fields !!


The Gateway is a Quantum network, and operates through what is called ‘Quantum Entanglement’. Each of our cells has a parallel, and when the ‘Gateway Energy’ is fed into the parallel cell, a vacuum effect is created which sucks all toxicity and negative energy out of the cell.. Because the cells are entangled at the quantum level, this decrees that they behave as ‘one’ and positive effects occur within the physical cells. The cell is after all a battery.. The network is powered by ‘Scalar Energy’. So if you have received the system downloads (currently there are 8, including the new ‘Stargate System’, you will automatically be able to transmit the ‘Scalar Energy’ as a separate healing frequency!

Seven Functions of the ‘Gateway Energy’:-

The energy initially seeks out any weaknesses within your energy field to heal them using its own divine intelligence..

  • 1st function is comprised of the Assessment only.
  • 2nd function is about identifying the Genome, and rearranging genetic material.
  • 3rd function comprises of rescuing lost DNA from the Etheric Strands and re-integrating it.
  • 4th function revolves around the replacement of dysfunctional DNA.
  • 5th function reinvigorates the strands, by injecting new codes into them. New Star technology is installed, creating a new system entirely.
  • 6th function finalizes important structural changes, to support the new template.
  • 7th function revolves around reuniting all our Stellar Systems, (our galactic energy systems), transforming them into One Whole Module.    

Morphogenetic Resonance

The Morphogenetic Fields are fields of resonance, existing within the Holographic Mainframe. Each field is responsible for specific functions, having localized bio-etheric signaling for their relative counterparts. . The fields of resonance help to create the organism, and its various parts, through cellular organization.. Each field is responsible for different areas of the human structure, from muscle, bone, blood, nervous system, and unified consciousness..

The fields are fluid and responsive to evolutionary forces.. They cooperate fully with the Gateway Energy, allowing the introduction of new codons into the cells, that will bring about huge transformations, from the subatomic level.. The transference of energy between the parallel and physical cell, takes place via the Morphogenetic Field. Human consciousness itself, evolves through the evolution of this field..

The Field is responsive to higher genetic technology , that which originates from other star systems, and galactic spheres.. It accepts the new superior encoding, and rearranges the cellular formations accordingly.. Our cellular bodies are re-patterned, and our mental bodies are re-wired, in resonance with each field, from the physical, emotional and mental vehicles.. In this way, we continuously evolve into something better, something greater. New species can, and are birthed, in this way. This is higher light technology!

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