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The Karmic Body is one of the nine energy bodies that you inhabit. It is linked to the Causal Plane, where all karma is created. This energy body is diverse, due to its causal nature, and the nature of its experiences whilst embodied.

The Karmic Plane contains much suffering, held within its matrix, at both the personal and collective levels. It is possible to transcend this plane of being, moving into the Light of your Higher Self, and its Aspects. This will sever all ties to the karmic world, and its sufferings, forever freeing you from gross density, and emotional dross.

As you sever your connection with the Karmic Self in consciousness, many new vistas appear on the horizon. Your perception expands to include the higher states of mentality, which give an interface to realms far beyond your current one. This heightened awareness moves you out of darkness, and into perpetual light, the light of Creator Source. Your connection with the Karmic Body has been severed in consciousness only, but this is sufficient to free you from the karmic chains of attachment, which pull you down, and tear your bodies asunder through the emotional forces.


Consciousness therefore, is the key to liberation. A highly developed consciousness, benefits all bodies, bringing change and renewal in its wake. To heal you must ascend in consciousness, since in truth that is all there is. Your physical bodies are biosuits, constructed out of light. The impurities they hold, come from your experiences and how you have processed these, within your mental and emotional bodies. They have formed your character and proclivities, that make you, YOU, an individualized expression, a Soul with a unique signature.

It is in your nature to overcome. It is in the overcoming that great power is unleashed, power to transform you entirely. You knew this when you chose the path of suffering. You knew that you could rise up above it, and be the victor. You knew that this was just a temporary illusion, a dream in the darkness of night, and that you would again awaken, to who you truly ARE. This was part of the plan, the perfectly orchestrated plan for your life. The plan of empowerment, not just for yourselves, but for all life, as through your interconnectedness, you are empowering others, other civilizations, nations, and realms. All are benefiting from your Great Awakening!


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