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“We the original Creators, would like to tell you more about your cycles, the recurring cycles of birth, death, and life. These cycles have been created by other beings, who wished to impose their plan upon Earth, the world they consider to be theirs.

You are being made aware of this fact, at this time, as the light intensity is growing, revealing many things that have been so far, hidden from you. These plans and programs, have been responsible for recycling human souls, ad infinitum. It is time for this to change, time to make your exit from the old recycling energy, old patterns, and redundant programming. It is time to take back control of your destiny, and resurrect into a new Life Stream. One which will fulfil you as Creator Gods, one which will change your physiology, into a more perfect form.

Your ability to switch operating systems is unknown to you at the conscious level. However in the deeper recesses of your Being, you are fully aware of this possibility, and how to make the switch. This information is embedded within you, in the form of coding. Instructions in light code, which we placed within you, at your conception, to prepare you for this eventuality. The light triggers are now being given to you, to awaken these codes into action. These firings will create a downloading of modules of light, which will prepare you to receive the new system into your matrix fields.

The process will be a smooth one, for those with a higher light matrix, otherwise resistances may occur. Working with the higher frequencies, will ensure your success in this matter. It is a question of Soul choice. You have free will as always, given to you by us, since freedom is a high aspiration that we hold for you all. Our love for you knows no bounds, and is All encompassing… Please heed our words if you wish to make the switch……….”

The grids here, will assist you in this changeover..