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I’ve just been typing out the channellings for my latest book “The Infinite Universe”, and came across this one, which I’d like to share with you all………..


” The cataclysmic events upon your Earth have created a pole shift which exists in virtual reality. This reality is not yet manifest, and does not have the impetus to come forth at this time.

Your reality and that of the world you live upon, are constantly changing, in response to evolutionary forces that are impacting upon you all. These forces for change are a necessary part of the cycles of growth which are always in operation.

There will be conflicts from time to time, as the old systems give way to the new. This is natural. A seismic shift of epic proportion, is only one possible outcome for the Earth and Humanity. There are many potential outcomes, resulting from the decisions which Humanity makes. In the same way that your individual decisions affect the course of your lives, your collective thinking affects the Collective Hologram, whiearth pole shiftch you are continually creating between yourselves.

You are slowly moving along the path of Evolution, and have come a long way to date. Greater experiences await you, as you unfold that which is your True Self into the realms of possibility….”


I realize that these messages that are being given out which inform us that we will be taken by spaceships to a safe place in the event of a pole shift occurring, are meant to reassure us and make us feel safe. But what we buy into as a Collective, may just be the determining outcome for us all !