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This is a channelling from my Higher Self Aspects, in response to my questions, on this subject:-

What is the truth about opening old wounds to extract the pain?

This is an unnecessary procedure. Your vibratory rate, determines your experience. So it follows that a faster speed will lift you out of painful memories, aligning the Emotional Body with the Higher Self Monad. When this happens, all traces of discord disappear from the cellular memory, leaving no lower vibrational frequencies to impact upon your health”.

Do these painful experiences/memories still exist in other timelines?

” They exist as quantum potential only, since they are no longer active within your Energy Matrix. It is your choice which Reality you wish to activate. If you believe that you have something to learn from the pain, you will activate it’s frequency within you. Your belief systems and programs, will then drive your Reality. If on the other hand you release these programs and belief systems, you will align with your Higher Self, and this will re-pattern your energy bodies, to that of Wholeness. It is all a matter of Alignment”.brain

How do we release these programs and belief systems about pain and suffering?

” By evolving your consciousness, by removing the barrier between your human self, and your Divine Self, that you perceive exists. By letting go of the outside illusion and surrendering to the Self Within”.

This has been channelled in response to questions that I’ve been asked recently. Of course this is one perspective, or one level. At another level some of you may be trying to remove or heal old wounds, using various techniques. I present this here for your perusal, and to suggest that there are other ways to proceed, which may have not been realized.

Many of us have projected ourselves here from other dimensional levels that you call 5D, and upwards. At this frequency, souls do not use pain as a learning tool. So if you resonate with this post, it is most likely that you have stepped down your frequency in order to appear here!