It is of the utmost importance at this time, to discern the energies which appear before you daily.. There are many different energy vibrations, which hold a specfic encoding for your functions.. These encodings will determine the functioning of your energy bodies, from your spiritual, mental, and emotional, through to your physical body..


The encoding sets up a vibrational pattern within you, once it is absorbed into your system, which will often create automatic responses for your cells, and your emotional and mental processes.. Oftentimes you are not aware of what is happening, until it is too late, and an energy has installed itself within your matrix. This is much like a virus that finds its way onto your computers, hiding itself from view, and operating by stealth to bring down the system..

You are nothing more than organic computers yourselves, storing vast amounts of information and data.. So it is therefore important that you have a program in place, an anti-virus program if you will, which will prevent these energies form invading your system.. You can receive a downloading Here, through the medium of this book.. A prevention is always better than a cure, and much simpler to expedite for your health and wellbeing…   

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