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What does empowerment mean for you and I? Does it mean surrendering to some higher power that is beyond us? Does it mean praying to this same higher power, ever mindful of our need for humility, or need to acknowledge that we are wretched souls, born in sin, as some would have us believe.

Fear and Humility keep us in our place. They are the cloaks of disempowerment, born through ideologies and belief systems which we have been fed, and have adopted throughout the ages. They are part of a control system whichempowerment is crumbling around us, as more of us find our voice, and choose to live as our most authentic selves. We have been surrounded by subtle, subconscious programs telling us “don’t get big-headed”, or “don’t get too big for your boots”. These are the thought streams that feed the machine of disempowerment, making us doubt and question ourselves, helping to separate and cut us off from our inner divine knowing… Our consciousness has been drawn outwardly by these programs, for fear we will not like what we see within… Yet this is where our treasure lies, deep within our hearts, within our Core Self, lies our empowerment.

Let go of the judgement dear ones. Whatever act you have committed in your past, let it go. All things are part of a divine embroidery, all potentials exist within the quantum field – let go. Your judgements of who and what you are, are keeping you stuck in these recycling, redundant programs, that no longer serve.. Did you come here to learn? Or is this yet another program that prevents you from remembering WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

At the highest level of Love and Empowerment, there is no teacher or student. All is ONE. Without you, I could not exist, and likewise. A truly Self-empowered person can never see themselves as being above another, as they recognize the Oneness of All Life, and honour and love this life unconditionally.. We are Great, celebrate and rejoice in this!!