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“The altering of the Universal Frequency for Source, has always been part of the Plan, to drive the dynamics that will fuel this change, through the work of beings of light, who have high acceleration, and can hold frequencies beyond the twelve strand DNA matrix. There are currently few of you to choose from, this is why your work is so important…

As a result of this work, more of you will be able to hold a vastly expanded light matrix, and subsequently help to execute this plan. You all need to stay focused upon theuniversal bigger picture, since so much is at stake here! The planetary shift is only the beginning of a journey to a much higher destination, one which will have profound implications for all of life, the sum total of Creator’s Essence..

We urge you to use these tools of light, to take responsibility for your field of vibration. Since the sooner you can shift your vibratory rate, your frequency, the sooner others will follow. We the original creators, will be giving you more tools to assist you in this process. It is our wish that you return to a harmonious frequency. The discordant ones, have had their uses, and served their purpose, in the great scheme of things. Now is the time to create a new reality. All of you are adept at doing this, though this has been largely hidden from you until now. We are continuously providing you with tools to create your realities, in accordance with your wishes for a better life. We have heard your cries and your pleading, and have responded. Be alert and awake to the receiving of these tools. Your future wellbeing depends upon this….”

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