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This post has been inspired by a conversation that I had with someone recently, who shared her valuable insights with me…. thank you

We all seem to have different vibrational frequencies, but some of these can be said to fall into groups. This may explain why some people resonate with us, and some don’t. As a rule, all frequencies exist within bandwidths.vector 1, SAY There are different bandwidths, much like our radio frequencies… short wave, medium wave, and long wave. Each bandwidth contains many frequencies or radio stations, if you will, broadcasting their unique energy signatures.

Those who experience phenomenal spiritual highs, and rapid change, generally fall into the short waveband. This is the ‘Gamma Wave’, which is an exceptionally high/fast frequency. The Gamma Wave is available to all who truly seek enlightenment, and wish to embody their ‘Divine Self’.

Those who are not willing to step out of their comfort zone, or niche, will not experience remarkable change, and the amazing transformation that is accompanied by it. Instead they will be dragged into the New Reality, in a somewhat uncomfortable manner. The Earth must transition. Those that resist, will suffer the consequence of this.