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There is much talk upon the internet about clearing your karma, and erasing the Akash. Many beings are giving out this information in timely fashion, and in unison, as all speak with One voice, the voice of the Creator. You are being instructed to drop your karma, as an aid to dropping density. Your karma has been weighing you down, and keeping you in a slow vibration. This must end if you are to successfully shift into the higher octaves of light, and expand your consciousness exponentially.

We the Zoraphim, are here to help you with this matter. As beings of light you are able to do this yourselves, however this requires a certain level of evolvement on your part. This can be achieved at a certain stage of evolution that, once reached, will give you access to your DNA field. At this level you will be able to communicate directly with your DNA, to make the biological changes that you need. This will also include the releasing of trapped karma, which has been responsible for recycling your souls, back and forth through the veils of time and space for aeons.

You can wipe your Karmic Slate Clean from Ki-Ra on Vimeo.

The lessons have been learned dear ones. There is no need for the continual reprocessing of events and traumas that have got you to this point. It is time to lift the veil of illusion, and to see beyond, to see the wonders of creation, and the eternal light of ‘Source’, underlighting everything with its radiance. Your light too will shine brighter as a result of this lifting. The slower forms of density will fall away from you, and be replaced with the faster cycles of light from the higher dimensional light fields, uplifting you to your next evolutionary level, the one of the new HU-man. A being of extraordinary dexterity and capability, a Master of the Light. Having released everything which slows you down, your vibration will naturally rise to one of empowerment, and Self-reliance, increasing your light quotient many fold.

The time has come for this unprecedented work to begin. Since many are not yet able to interface with their DNA directly, we are giving you the opportunity to reset your karmic clocks, back to zero time, in preparation for the emergence of the new paradigm. This is our gift to you. Blessed Be.

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